Hallett is only 20 minutes from Burra on the way to the Flinders Ranges and Broken Hill – and sits at the hub of three great trails: Heysen (walking), Mawson (cycling) and the Dares Hill Tourist Drive.

Spend a day or two exploring our town and trails, accommodation is available:

  • Rooms, meals and warm hospitality at the Wildongoleeche Hotel (ring 08 8892-9631 to book)
  • Camping on the Rec Grounds: toilets, power, hot showers, camp fires, and *right next to the pub*. Keys available from the hotel and minimart. Groups can rent the tea rooms and other facilities.
  • For Heysen Trail walkers, the Hallett Railway Station has very basic overnight facilities, contact Friends of the Heysen Trail.


The Hallett Hall is in the centre of town, a short walk from the Rec Ground and Hotel. It is beautifully restored, with a well appointed kitchen and supper room, and is often used by groups for catering and events. Contact Di Kealy (08 8894-2279) for more information.


It’s a historic little town, settled in 1842 by John and Alfred Hallett on a pastoral run called “Willogoleche”.

The main streets of Hallett take the names of the brothers and the side streets the names of their children. Hallett was the birthplace of the most famous explorer and aviator of the northern polar area, Sir Hubert Wilkins. His cottage has been lovingly restored to its former glory and can be visited at Mt Bryan East.

To visit the homestead a key may be collected from, and returned to the following places:

Olde School Gallery Hallett – Phone 08 8894 2284 Open 11-3 Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed.

Mt Bryan Hotel – Mon to Sat from 11 am & Sun from 12 noon – Phone 8893 4010

If you’re lucky enough to be in town on a Friday night, drop into the Bowling Club for a drink with the locals.

For further information about Hallet, please visit our website here.