Declared an historic town in 1985, Terowie is one of Australia's most famous railway towns. 

When the broad gauge railway arrived from Adelaide in 1980, Terowie boomed for almost 90 years. It was also where General Douglas MacArthur gave his 'I shall return' speech in WW2.

The Dares Hill Circuit ( starts or finishes ) at Terowie, circling out east ( to or from ) Hallett. The trail is well worth taking, and is easily accessed by two wheel drives during fine weather. You will experience gorges and stony creek beds, ruins of abandoned homesteads and outbuildings, an early shearing shed and lightly wooded dry pastures, along with much more. 

Head to the historic Main Street to explore Terowie's five museums and many historical buildings. The friendly folk of Terowie's Information Outlet are near the entrance to the historic railway station. 

Terowie is only 45 minutes from Burra. Visitors simply take the Barrier Highway north of Burra, which runs through Mt Bryan, Hallett, Whyte Yarcowie to Terowie. As with many towns, the highway has been re routed around the town, so make sure you get off the Highway for a good look around this historic town.