Call Ahead

The Clare Valley Tourism Region has so much to offer, but to make the most of each experience, be sure to call ahead to make sure venues are open and able to host you. If you are unable to find out the operating hours of an outlet, visit us at the Burra & Goyder Visitor Information Centre to enquire. 

Phone Reception

In some parts of the Clare Valley Tourism Region, phone coverage can be scarce. Check with your phone provider which areas may not have coverage prior to setting off on your trip. 

Conservation Parks

Enjoy a leisurely walk or hike through the Clare Valley's scenic conservation parks. Don't forget to pack food and plenty of water, as there is nowhere to purchase food and amenities once you are inside the park. 

Conservation parks in the region include Redbanks, Spring Gully, Martindale Hall, Caroona Creek and a few smaller parks for day visits. 

Download guides and maps, get the latest fire and personal safety information at www.parks.sa.gov.au, or visit us at the Burra & Goyder Visitor Information Centre.