Burra Bakehouse

Set in the back streets of Redruth – one of Burra’s original five towns – your cottage was originally one of the Bakeries that served the hungry miners at what was then the biggest copper mine in the world Just think of all the Cornish pasties or loaves of German Schwarz Brot black bread that came from the oven that is still a feature of the building

Midnight Oil House

Located approximately 3km north of Burra on the Barrier Highway, lies an abandoned farmhouse.

The cottage, located on ‘Cobb and Co Corner’, was first photographed by iconic Australian landscape photographer, Ken Duncan, and rose to fame on the album cover of Midnight Oil’s ‘Diesel and Dust’ record.

Known as the ‘Midnight Oil House’, this cottage has become one of Australia’s most photographed ruins.

If you do wish to stop for a photo opportunity, please ensure you pull over a safe distance from the highway, and keep behind the fence.