Phone:  8659 1039

Opening Hours: 

Monday 10am – 2pm

Wednesday 10am – 2pm

Friday 10am – 2pm

As this is staffed by volunteers, there may not always be someone available. If that is the case please call 0467 537 248 to see if someone can open up on request.


Lot 422 Main Street, Terowie, SA 5421

The information centre is located in the CWA building and run by volunteers that are only too happy to open some of the buildings which are used as Museums.

Terowie is just 68k North of Burra and a great place to visit, steeped in history

Terowie’s founder was John Aver Mitchell who arrive here from Penzance, England in March 1872 and died May 19th 1879 aged 47 years. He purchased a section of land where the first building “The Terowie Hotel” was built.

The railway arrived in the 1880’s where the Ruling Gauges met and closed 1970 when moved to Peterborough. The Terowie platform and Cafeteria buildings are still standing today as well a the “The Porters Building”

On the 20th March 1942 General Douglas MacArthur , his wife and son were on a train from Alice Springs when they had a five hour lay over in Terowie and he made his special speech “i have come out of Bataan and i shall return”. There is a plaque on the Terowie Railway platform honouring the occasion.

Terowie present day is still operational with the General Store run by Leanne Adams as well as the “Information Centre”